Virtual Reality is more than entertainment 

Today’s market is the most competitive it has ever been. With consumer’s attention spans at an all time low, it’s vital that your content cuts through the clutter. We use social VR and 360 video to submerge users in your story.

What We Do


We help you set goals and redefine your messaging for your target audience


We do everything necessary to ensure a smooth professional shoot


We edit your clip and our team promotes your content

Widen your Horizons with VR

360-video can tell your story, show scenarios, and give future clients a taste of your experience.

Virtual Visits
Average Time
Conversion Rate

VR viewers are emotionally engaged 34% longer than when they view the same content in 2D.


84% of those who viewed a VR ad was able to recall the featured company, while only 53% of those who viewed a 2D ad could do so.


360 content beat 2D content on views, shares, and subscribes and drove 41% more earned actions.


Impactful, Immersive, Memorable

360 video users show higher engagement rates and pay more attention to your message.

Win Offline Sales

Draw crowds at trade shows and industry events.

Supercharge Your Social

VR is shown to increase engagement and sharing on social media.

Analyze & Convert

Optimize your experience with powerful analytics and innovative lead gen tools.

Don’t Get Left Behind

By the end of 2018, the number of VR users in the U.S. will grow to 36.7 million – over a 60% increase in one year!

Creating and managing fresh new content has never been so easy. Hundreds of hotels are using VR to sell their rooms and activities. Be ahead of the game and see what Trepic can do for you.

Create a Brand Experience

Have a project you’d like to discuss? We provide end-to-end strategy, design and development services for our clients. Drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.

*In order to preserve the quality of our influencer content, we provide training for storytelling and shooting 360-video films. We only take a limited number of applicants at any given time.