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How It Works

Take Photos or 360 Videos on your trip

Share on Instagram or Trepic

Earn $2 to $50 per booking

Monetize Your Social Content

Create a free SLL profile today, upload your favorite images and videos, or let us curate them for you, and start monetizing your Instagram content.

If invited to our VRX program, we provide you with a competitive monetization strategy with different performance compensations around VR and 360 video.

Get Plugged into The World of Hospitality

We match you with hotels and opportunities that align with you.

Let our team handle the heavy lifting and provide you with competitive jobs that match your taste. Let us know your travel plans and we’ll find unique collaborations for you.

Storytelling in 360-Video/Virtual Reality

Creative consultation and technical guidance from award-winning filmmakers and broadcast journalists on storytelling and shooting in 360-video.

Stay On Top Of The Latest Trends

Learn from the world’s leading photographers and travel influencers. Get tips and tricks to increase your audience and take better photos and videos.

With TREPIC Do What You Do Best, TRAVEL

Earn Money

Earn commission on every booking or get paid by creating and sharing brand-sponsored content

Be Found

Apply directly to brand posts or let us find hotels and collaborations around your schedule.


Stress-free transparency with all your deals, agreements, and payments.

Be Your Own Boss

Choose the content you want to promote and what brands you want to work with or let us do the work for you.

Secure Payments

Trepic provides a full payment solution for brands and influencers.

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We work with thousands of hotels, restaurants, experiences, and travel brands and are always looking for new connections.

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Membership perks include potential opportunities to be matched with hotels and experiences for free hotel stays, meals, and adventures! Learn how to shoot 360-video from our experts and get opportunities to test your skills, have professionally edited content, and start your 360-video/VR portfolio!