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The Most Unique Traces of Empires

People who love history just always seem to Babylon.

One of the amazing parts of travel is that wherever you go it brings you closer to history. At Trepic we’ve gathered some of the most unique traces of famous empires to explore on your adventures.


Aztec Empire

El Tepozteco temple stands the test of time as a hidden gem of the Aztec Empire. Drive three hours outside of Mexico City through the mountains and you’ll arrive at Tepoztlan. Regarded as a magical city walk through the cobblestone streets and covered markets to end at the base of the crumbling stairs snaking up to the Aztec temple. Upon arrival you’ll be able to survey the entire valley. After you head down sooth your tired soul with a blended mojito, a speciality of the area.

Babylonian Empire

Visit Berlin to get a chance to see the reconstructed Babylonian Isgar Gate, complete with stunning blue and gold tiles. Excavated in the 1930’s and brought to Berlin to be reconstructed the Ishtar Gate found its new home at Pergamon Museum in Berlin. You can imagine walking along the hall lined with fearsome creatures like lions and dragons up to the Babylonian Empire. Constructed by King Nebuchadnezzar II in 575 BCE, it is the eighth gate to the city of Babylon. You can also find a reconstruction in Iraq in a near to where it was originally built.

The Mughal Empire

The Taj Mahal is an iconic feat of architecture created by Shah Jahan in 1632 as a memorial for his wife who died in childbirth. It stood the test of time to become a beacon of the Mughal Empire in Agra. Built of white marble and covered in precious gems the Taj sits at the end of a four part garden, symbolic in Islam as paradise. One of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal attracts romantics and history buffs alike from all over the world to take in the transcendent beauty first hand.

The Roman Empire

Possibly the most well known empire, the Roman Empire, has remnants of its conquests scattered across Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. With classics like the Colosseum and the Pantheon, The Library of Celsus in Turkey is one of their more under the radar architectural gems. However at the time (completed in 117 CE) the Library of Celsus was one of the largest and most impressive libraries in the world. Spend an afternoon learning about life during its success and viewing the crumbling architecture.

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