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The 10 Best Places to Watch the Sun Rise and Set Around the World

Sunsets always look different when we find ourselves in new places.  Use our Trepic App to find your next luxury resort to end your day under a new sunset’s glow.  To help you, here is a selection of just of a few of the beautiful sunset destinations inside of the app.

Bora Bora, Tahiti

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The sun most peacefully sets on the world in Bora Bora.  On the quiet eastern edge of the warm, isolated South Pacific, Bora Bora is truly a world away from the stress of life on land.  In Bora Bora, a sunset really means a close to the day–for the whole world.  A few hours after the orange light fades, midnight passes over International Dateline just  west and the whole world’s day ends and begins again.  Go where the day–and the land–end in the timeless paradise of French Polynesia at ‘Le Meridien Bora Bora.’

Alaska, United States

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Sunsets at midnight are not only for fairy tales and fantasy–they are how every summer day ends for those under the skies of this Land of the Midnight Sun.  Explore mountains, islands, and whale watching by day.  Then see the endless, colorful twilight slowly and majestically pass for hours until the brief Arctic is ignited overnight by the awe-inspiring, legendary Northern Lights.  Before dawn returns and another long day of adventure begins on the United States’ beautiful, breathtaking Last Frontier.

Venice, Italy

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When Venice’s most famous citizen sailed west into the sunset 700 years ago, he dreamed of returning home to the same romantic city of canals that we still savor today.  Come enjoy the sunset upon the majestic Grand Canal from atop the famous Ponte di Rialto bridge, then sit with a glass of Prosecco before gazing at cathedrals in the moonlight piazzas as evening transports you back into the Renaissance. Hand Picked from Trepic: Bauer Palladio Hotel & Spa, Venice, Italy.

Key West, Florida

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Americans go to their Southernmost City to find food, fun and year-round relaxation.  Begin your night of festivity with a romantic sunset dinner on board a five-masted sailing ship departing from Key West’s historic port.  Peer across the calm, mirror-flat waters which surround the island and imagine the shimmering colors of the setting sun dancing across the 90 miles standing between you and the vast tropical Caribbean.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

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The painted rocks that lie silently beneath our feet peek out to dance and shine in the receding sunlight every evening at the Grand Canyon.  Bands of color trail out from the setting sun and crawl down the 1,800 meters of its famous walls.  After the sun has gone, a million stars come alive in the unpolluted desert sky, twinkling on overhead as the bright moonlight illuminates the canyon’s walls.  This endless dance of land and sky continues through the night.

Cappadocia, Turkey

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The beauty of Cappadocia spans wonders of culture, nature and ancient legend.  One peaceful sunset balloon ride across its majestic, multicolored landscape of volcanic chimneys, mountain peaks, and desert plateaus shows exactly what inspired the ancient storytellers of Cappadocia to tell the Arabian Nights legends of magic and treasure we still love to imagine today.

The Taj Mahal, India

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The world’s most famous shrine to one of history’s greatest acts of love is the perfect site to stand alongside your own soulmate and watch day drift into starlight.  Its grand, poetically teardrop-shaped hall and miles of gardens and monuments remind us all that love is truly the center of all emotions and the real force behind every sunrise and sunset.

Cairo, Egypt

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In Cairo, every night, the yellow sands of the Sahara are set ablaze by the orange flames of the receding sun.  Every generation, from early humans to Pharaohs and then Arab traders and now modern travelers today, have oriented their lives in Egypt around the glory of that setting desert sun.  Join those generations and bask in a desert sunset of your own alongside the pyramids and the Nile.

Bali, Indonesia

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Both night and day are alive with activity and renewal in Bali.  Relaxing jungle spas and endless beaches restore the body by day and vibrant evening celebrations restore the heart at night; the bridge we cross between them is the mesmerizing rainforest sunsets which enliven the sky over beautiful Bali at the end of every day.  In Bali, the close of every day is simply the beautiful beginning of another incredible night; come experience that sunset for yourself.

Big Island, Hawaii

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The mountainous Big Island has everything: from dense jungle on the coast to cool snow up at the peak, with miles of volcanoes, forests, and beaches in between.  Famous local Kona coffee and huge Hawaiian pineapples will energize you for an evening luau as the sun sets behind you over Mauna Kea or the vast Pacific.  With each sunset, we say “Aloha” (goodbye) to a colorful tropical day and “Aloha” (hello) to the beginning of an exciting tropical night.

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