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European Architectural Gems To Inspire The Romantic In You

Beauties to Take in with Your Beauty


JUNE 9, 2017


Some of these stunning feats of architecture were built in honor of love, others have inspired romance since their creation. Sweep your love off their feet by taking them to one of these European architectural gems, we’ve rounded up at Trepic.

The Alhambra

Granada Spain is home to the magnificent and ornate Alhambra. Waltz through the gardens and tour the fortress’s interior.  Don’t forget to gaze up at the ceiling to see the intricate designs in many of the rooms. When the sun sets, the beauty will melt any icy heart.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Have you always wanted to be a prince or princess? Located in Bavaria Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle has inspired fairy tales for centuries and will be sure to bring a little magic into your life. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle to get a taste of the royal life. Glass slippers and singing woodland creatures not included.


Eiffel Tower

This is possibly the most classic romantic destination. While originally built for the World Fair, the Eiffel Tower has stood the test of time as a beacon for romantics around the world. Sit below it in the evening to watch the light show or trek up to the top to have an unparalleled view across Paris.

The Colosseum

Once a place of bloodshed and entertainment, The Colosseum in Rome is a beacon for romantics and history lovers. Bask in the crumbling remains of the Roman Empire. At one point they would fill the entire center with water and reenact maritime battles, ships and all. Take a stroll past it in all its glory in the evening hand in hand with your loved one.


Those of you not feeling romantic but still love historic beautiful architecture, we’d suggest Hampton Court in the outskirts of London. This palace and fantastical gardens were once home to Henry VIII, and as most of us know he just couldn’t quite get it right with any of his six wives. So relish in the fact you’re not dating that guy.

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