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Trepic’s 10 Favorite Destinations for 2017



JANUARY 8, 2017


We’ve rounded up our top destinations for 2017, plan your epic trip with the Trepic app and make 2017 the year of adventure!


1. Mozambique

Dreaming of jumping into your tropical screensaver? Relaxing on the sand overlooking crystal clear water? Then Mozambique is the place for you! One of Conde Nast Traveler’s 16 Best Places to Visit in 2016, Mozambique continues to hold its place as one of the greatest seaside destinations. Chillax on the beaches of the Indian Ocean across from the jungles of Madagascar. Explore the history by visiting the colonial era ruins from Portuguese explorers, and some of Africa’s most fantastical and untouched beaches on a vacation for your bucket list.


2. Perth

Indulge your inner foodie at the frequently forgotten sibling of Melbourne and Sydney; Perth sitting on the Southwest coast of Australia. This down under destination also offers stunning beaches, mouthwatering food and vibrant art, but at a calmer pace. Slated as a top destination for 2017 by Travel + Leisure, Perth also takes a spot on our top 10. Take a picnic to Norfolk Pines for a romantic afternoon, take a short boat ride to see penguins, or have a high adventure day of diving through old shipwrecks and coral reefs off the coast.


3. Scotland

Want to make your Instagram followers jealous? Head to Scotland to take some amazing pictures of sweeping landscapes, historic castles, and picturesque towns. Touted as a top place to visit in 2017 by Conde Nast Traveler, Scotland is a fun-filled destination perfect for a family getaway. Rent a car and drive around the countryside exploring farms and feedingadorable sheep and horses.



4. Idaho

While Idaho might not sound glamorous at first, it is quickly becoming a celebrity hotspot with recent visitors ranging from supermodel Karlie Kloss to actress Nina Dobrev. It’s the perfect destination to get a breath of fresh air. Home to some of the best skiing in Sun Valley, fishing on the Snake River, and hiking through Hells Canyon, Idaho is an undiscovered gem of the Northwestern United States.

5. Bordeaux

Classics are there for a reason, Bordeaux is the romantic destination of the year. Between visiting the historic wine cellars to cruising down cobblestone streets, Bordeaux will bring a touch of mystery and glamour to your life. Get your art fix at the Musée d’Aquitaine and explore the gothic architecture throughout the city. One of Lonely Planet’s Top Cities to Visit in 2017, Bordeaux is the sexy and alluring getaway you’ve been daydreaming of.

6. Chile

Calling all outdoor lovers-Chile is the destination for thrill seekers. Trek through Torres Del Paine National Park exploring forests and crossing mountains of icebergs for an unforgettable trip. Visit Chiloe, an island off the southern coast of Chile, to see penguins up close and personal and indulge your inner foodie with some of the freshest seafood in the world.

7. Nepal

Trekking up magnificent Mount Everest is a once in a lifetime experience, but Nepal has so much more to offer for those looking for high adventure and a taste of Nepalese culture. Lonely Planet dubs Nepal as one of the must go to countries in 2017. Visit Old Town Kathmandu to get insight into the rich history and culture Nepal has to offer. Spend a sunny afternoon in The Garden of Dreams or visit the UNESCO Heritage site of Bhaktapur Durbar Square and explore its wondrous architecture.

8. South Korea

One of Lonely Planet and National Geographic’s top 2017 destinations, South Korea has it all. Grab some Makgeolli and get off the beaten path on a hike through Seoraksan National Park, relax on the beaches of Jeju Island (known as the Hawaii of Korea) or wear shoes you don’t mind getting a little dirty to try some of the freshest fish in the world at Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market in Seoul. Home to some of the best skin care in the world, take full advantage by visiting a luxury spa. Explore the growing architecture in PyeongChang where South Korea is hosting the winter Olympics in 2018. No matter your style of travel South Korea will make it happen.

9. Rwanda

Rwanda tops Conde Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisurefavorite destinations for 2017. Once a country with great civil unrest, Rwanda is now a top destination for those looking outdoor high adventure. Visit the birthplace of the Nile, trek into the mountains to see the well known gorillas of Rwanda in their natural environment, or get off the beaten path on safari. Let 2017 be the year of adventure in Rwanda.

10. Cuba

The first commercial flight from the United States in over fifty years embarked to Cuba in 2016. Wander through the historically preserved city of Havana before it becomes a tourist hotspot. Take advantage of the tropical weather to escape the winter chills and sunbath on the beaches of Varadero or embark in July for Carnival in Santiago– either way Cuba will ignite your travel bug.


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