The Trepic app is free for all travelers to post content and engage with others on the platform. Travelers can earn perks and collaboration opportunities, Trepic users must be at the storyteller level.

Trepic offers storyteller tiers to match your influencer goals and experiences.



anyone can join

  • Earn commission on bookings through your stories



per month

  • Earn commission on bookings through your stories
  • Verified Trepic storyteller checkmark
  • Ability to earn travel rewards from premium brands in exchange for content
  • Exposure to luxury brands around the world for potential partnership
  • Ability to earn badges to verify and assure brands of your skills

Pro Storyteller


per month / or $999 per year

  • Earn commission on bookings through your stories
  • All the benefits of storytellers plus more
  • A personal Trepic representative to support your campaigns, partnerships, and influencer journey
  • An in-depth review monthly of analytics, including brands that have seen your content
  • Discounts on training workshops and retreats
  • Personal Services for the serious storyteller
  • Exclusive badge for Pro Storyteller
  • VIP perks with brands

Become an Ambassador

Apply to be an Ambassador for special VIP perks.